International Conference on Design Principles & Practices, Mexico 2021

The fifteenth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices hosted by the University of Monterrey, Mexico, will take place on March, 3-5 2021. The main themes to submit proposals are:

Design Education; Design in Society; Designed Objects; Visual Design; Design Management and Professional Practice; Architectonic, Spatial and Environmental Design

Deadline of proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, virtual posters, or colloquia is December, 2020.

More info: site of congress

Marcha pela Vida UFBA – 09jun20


A Universidade Federal da Bahia, este lugar de conhecimento e solidariedade e, sobretudo, nas palavras do nosso Reitor João Salles, lugar de resistência à incivilidade e à ignorância, promove neste dia 09 de junho de 2020 a Marcha Virtual pela Vida. Participe!

Infos: canal TVUFBA | Site da UFBA

Congresso Virtual da UFBA

Congresso Virtual da UFBA será realizado de 18 a 29 de maio de 2020. As atividades do Congresso UFBA 2020 – Virtual serão compostas de Vídeo-pôsteres, Mesas e outras formas de discussão (englobando Palestras, Debates, Entrevistas e Depoimentos) e Intervenções Artísticas.

Confira a programação: site do evento

Design & Digital Communication – Call for papers

The DIGICOM organizing committee invites original contributions in the form of a paper. This invitation is open to all researchers, academics, designers and students whose work falls within the field of Design and Digital Communication, namely:
A) Practical applied projects: projects developed in a research, academic or commercial context, of a practical nature and with a potential social, cultural or economic relevance.
B) Case Studies: description and analysis of projects or research problems in the most different contexts.
C) Literature review: presentation of the state of the art from a certain research problem.
D) Research work: doctoral or master’s research; and new approaches and research frameworks.
Submissions will be accepted in the following topics:

Infos: site do evento